Insane Love: A Block to Successful Websites

I don't know what to do when business owners ask me for help for their websites and say:

  1. There are not enough visitors to their site.
  2. The site isn't showing up in Google search engine results.
  3. Their site isn't generating enough sales.
  4. They love the layout, graphics, and text of their website. They don't want these changed.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Computer LoveI often am confronted with sincere, otherwise rational business people who love their current site. The only problem, they tell me, is that it isn't generating clients, leads, or any type of business.

They want me to make their sites effective, without changing anything.

A variant of the dilemma is the happy, prepared client who meets with me and tells me that they've thought a lot about what they want on the site. In fact, they are certain about exactly what they want where on each page.

They have the words, look, and function completely designed, they want me to implement their ideas.

"Make me one of these!" they say.

And, oh yeah, they want to show up at the top of Google searches and make lots of money.

Their desire for web pages that build their business is said as an afterthought. It's mentioned as a given even though the design they have presented to me is not set up to to show up in search engine results or to guide visitors to buying.

Let a Professional Make Your Site Effective!

Many web designers are happy to make exactly the web page you want. I am, too.

However, Ozdachs adds a business perspective to web design. Our goal is to provide cost-effective web pages. Our mission includes helping organizations get something back for their Internet investment.

Our skills include an understanding of search engine optimization, page and site usability, graphics, and marketing.

San Francisco Web DesignerWe understand that there is often a trade off between these disciplines. A website completely optimized for search engines may not be friendly to human users. A graphically gorgeous web page may not communicate any useful marketing information to visitors. And, so on for every permutation of factors.

Ozdachs is skilled in working with clients to determine the compromises among site goals that both are effective and emotionally satisfying to the business owners. We work with owners to discover what aestetics and words are truly important, and weave those elements into a completed cost-effective site.

We do a great job of striking an intelligent balance among the options.

So, stay in love with your existing website or your carefully developed design.

Just let Ozdachs dress-up your love-object so that it works for your organization! Contact Ozdachs.