Leading Visitors to Temptation

A potential client recently asked for help on his website. He had worked to make it show up at the top for the desired keywords in Google, and it receives 50,000 visitors a month.

His products cost from $200 - $500 each.  The price seems fair for what hes offering.

He makes about one sale a month.

I first went to his site while he was on the phone.  I told him I thought the page looked sharp, and nothing jarring leapt off the page.  I said, I'd have to spend some time and see what was gong wrong.

Confused visitors don't buyLater, I went back to the site and played buyer: Oh my!  The page looked fine, but I quickly became stumped about what to do next. 

When I finally found the BUY page, I became more confused.

trackingThis site scored an "A" in search engine optimization.  Crowds are clicking to the site. However, the site fails its purpose because it isn't usable and doesn't tell me why I should purchase the products. 

Potential buyers cannot figure out what they're supposed to do when they get to the site. When they fight to the ordering page, they have to puzzle out the seller's purchasing scheme.

Instead of guiding the visitors to a purchase, the site throws information, options, and a lot of off-topic link options at the visitor. The visitors are stumped. They stop, try to figure out what to do to get the information they want. Then they click away to another site which doesn't make their head hurt.

This business owner badly needed usuability help. We suggested steps from Steve Krug's best-selling book on website usability.

Usability's goal is summed up in Krug's book's title: Don't Make Me Think.

Krug tells how to make simple pages which clearly point to the information a visitor wants and the actions you want them to take. Check out the book on Amazon.com if you're wondering if your site design is effective.

Or, contact Ozdachs for a free site review. Ozdachs designs successful websites which are both optimized for search engines and clear to the human vistors who click to the site. Let us tune your site for search engines while making them clear and attractive to your propsective clients.