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February 7, 2014
Forget the Year of the Horse.  It's the Year of the Picture.

The hottest social media apps are focused on letting you edit and share your photographs.

Facebook encourages people and businesses to share graphics with a minimum about of text... less than 20% text even if you want to spend your own money to promote a post!

Professional marketing gurus claim that pages and posts with photographs get anything from 20% to 65% more engagement from potential customers than text material.

For effective marketing, the message is clear:
Play with Pictures
Big Pictures!
Smart Pictures!
Legal Pictures!
Use them and your social media work and websites will get positive, enthusiastic attention.

Here's some help to get you started:
Ozdachs Client Cost
A Gift for You:
Puppy Pictures for Your Business
One of the marketing truisms we tell clients is that in addition to sex selling, so do photos of babies and puppies. 

Our two nine-month old dachshunds are available to help you prove this.

Through the month of February Ozdachs will use any of our puppy pictures in the posts and websites we do for you without a charge for the photo license. 


Take your pick of the picture litter!  
Photos that include people are not included because we have not secured model releases from them.

Offer Expires 2/28/2014
Dogs in Planter
Whether you have Ozdachs or someone else create picture graphics for you, have fun with the Internet's 2014 trend.